Me & Frazer in the  Moosey  studio taken for the Norwich SHHHH Guide. 

Me & Frazer in the Moosey studio taken for the Norwich SHHHH Guide. 


A family of four. This is a platform for us to share how we mix art, fashion & travel into our family life. 

I am Jazmin editor of mini moosey, aspiring art director, fashion communication student and mother. I have a four year old son, Reuben, from a previous relationship, in which we co-parent amazingly. I have recently just given birth to my son Bowie with my other half Frazer.

Reuben, with his blonde blow cut & blue eyes is mad for art, photo taking & transport. I grew my best friend, he has taught me more about life in four years than I could ever have imagined.

Bowie is only fresh out of the womb but already soul & blues soothes him and he is attracted the the weird drippy bean painting we have hung in our living room. 

We live in an apartment in the centre of Norwich city with my partner Frazer. Ex RAF with ten years engineering experience but he gave it all up to follow  a dream & opened his art gallery Moosey Art where we later meet & became an unlikely pair of complete opposites; now two years on we are have our first child together to complete our family of four. Both extremely busy with our jobs & family life we embrace & attempt to emerge the two together, taking Reuben to exhibition openings and set up, photoshoots & then on our days "off" we are never really shying from the visual life & travelling everywhere to see new exhibition & visit, my own personal love, fashion stores. Here is where you will find our journey through this. Where I share our mini moosey adventure. Art for kids. Art for family.