Paris in January / by Jazmin Balfour

For my birthday back in January my parents brought us a trip to Paris for three days. At the time through a haze of hangover I didn't think I enjoyed it so much, but looking back now I would love to take a trip back. We were lucky enough to see the Maurizio Cattelan show at Monnaie De Paris, which was completely worth it after the 40 min cue (and can I just say that the ticket prices for students in Paris was amazingly cheap, I think I paid around £7). Cattelan fine art but with humour real made the show. 

We looked at a lot of Street Art, Frazer's favourite thing was spotting the Invader pieces which later went on to watch a documentary about his work which was incredibly interesting. I have never really a big fan of street art, if I am honest before I meet Frazer I thought it was just mess. But the more I meet artist and see why they are doing things and the skill that actually goes into this "mess" I see if more and more as art work. 

Finishing up visiting the classics works at the National Gallery of Modern Art and a lot of shopping. I took a lot more images but didn't want to overload over one post so I am going to break them up. I really want to go back now and I want to take the kids this time, oh and stay in a better area.