NUA MA Degree Show / by Jazmin Balfour

Yesterday me and Reuben took a trip to my University, Norwich University of The Arts, to go and check out the Masters Degree Show. During the summer we were a day late and missed out seeing the degree show, which I was completely gutted about as I had friends work being shown in there. So this time I made sure we didn't miss out. 

MUA Degree Show

We grabbed a couple of the maps and wondered around "mummies school". Reuben was very demanding that we had to start at the top and work our way down because "it's like snakes and ladders mummy" So this is what we did. We followed the map and talked about what the exhibition was about. It was so wonderful to introduce Reuben to my university where I am studying Fashion Communication (although I am taking a year out to have the new baby) and I loved talking to Reuben about how I am learning something new everyday. 


"This is called the 

hurt bum chair Mummy" 

Un Cheong, Communication Design

This was one of his favourites & his review for the piece by Communication Design MA Student Un Cheong was: 
"This is called the hurt bum chair Mummy. Because the spikes go in your bum and hurt your poo"
I love how three year olds just say the first thing that pops into their head with no preconceptions of what they are in fact saying. We stood there for quite some time talking about how this could be a mouses house but they couldn't lay down and had got angry because it was broken. 

Reuben on NUA STAIRS

Joskaud√© Pakalkait√©, Communication Design - website - instagram

Reuben enjoyed the colours of these prints and made me, his 24 year old mother, feel old when asking what some of the images, such as a cassette, were. From me this was all very nostalgic, reading and looking at the images. It's how I spent my teenage years, playing snake and changing the displays. It also made me really think about how much technology has changed and I started to question weather it is a blessing or not having EVERYTHING at our finger tips and how this will shape our children's personalities in years to come. 


Leo Jerome White, Photography - website - instagram

I thought I would finish with Reuben's complete favourite By Leo Jerome White, an MA photography student, a piece about Cancer. He never really poses in front of anything and although he had his face covered like he is some kind of Graffiti artist, he actually asked me to take his picture in front of the amazing piece. I was also rather blown away by it. When I asked him what he thought it was he replied - 
"PRETTY! Pretty flowers like you. Pink flowers are pretty. Pink is my favourite colour" 
I understand that he does not know what cancer is nor the concept yet, but I do love how kids brains work. How they can find the beauty in something we struggle to. When comments like this are made, it makes me take a step back and look at things and life in a completely different perspective. We should really listen to kids more because they can teach us so much like opening our eyes and seeing what isn't really there & the beauty in most that surrounds us. Also he just really loves pink. 
The BEST part was there wasn't any melt downs for 1.5 hrs until we got out of the door and this three-anger decided he want to use me, his heavily pregnant mother, as a pack mule. I pulled him up the hill on his scooter while carrying every bag under the sun. When we got to the flat I had to stop on the bottom step for a break. And proceeded to get poked and moaned at to hurry up. 

A chair.

"There's a chair there!

I'm the winner haha poo bum"

Emma Rushton, Fine Art - instagram 


The NUA MA Degree show 2017 at the University Of The Arts Norwich is running from the
1st - 6th of September meaning tomorrow is the last day to pop down and take a look which I highly recommend if you can.