Everything at Once - Store X The Vinyl Factory / by Jazmin Balfour

 ‘Channel’ (2013) - Susan Hiller   

 ‘Channel’ (2013) - Susan Hiller  

In late 2017 we visited the exhibition ‘Everything at Once’ presented by The Vinyl Factory and Lisson Gallery at Store Studio, 180 The Stand. An ambitious group show featuring 45 multi sensory works by 24 artist in celebration of Lisson Galleries 50th year anniversary. To me it was great, Reuben was overstimulated, Bowie slept through the whole thing & Frazer got flustered because of it all. Hey not every trip with a three year old is plain sailing. 

We started our day fine, Frazer had to meet an artist to get a print realise Moosey was doing signed so I decided I would take Reuben first to the transport museum in Covent Garden (a tip to all parents, you only have to buy a full price ticket once. After that it is valid for entry for one year) which he loves there & Frazer came to meet us. After this we then headed to 180 The Strand. Reuben just was on some mad hype and control brain that we had to follow him around, tell him to stop running (which isn’t like him at all) and I even gave him the iPad half way so we could actually look at the works. 

"Just keep swimming.

I am swimming"

'Test Pattern No 12'  - Ryoji Ikeda

'Test Pattern No 12'  - Ryoji Ikeda

The first installation was brilliant by Ryoji Ikeda, now I have never taken drugs but I imagine this is what an acid drip is like. For obvious reason we didn’t take the 6 day old baby in & took it in turns with Reuben instead. Reuben was heisitant at first, of course you would be it so loud noise and flashing images was popping off. But he eased into and started to pretend he was swimming. I mean his imagation is wild, like he was some mermaid surfing the sound. This installation hyped him up, for whinging and destruction. 

‘ At the edge of the world ||’ (1998) - Anish Kapoor

At the edge of the world ||’ (1998) - Anish Kapoor

He loved the “space ship” by Anish Kapoor running under it so he could hear the echos & making me say words to hear them. He didn’t like the amount of people and we had to wait until they dispersed before we went in to have a look. When looking up it was as if there was no beginning and no end, just an empty vulnerable space. 


Images 1 & 2 Ryan Gander (2017)
Images 3 & 4 'MIG 29 Soviet Fighter Plane and Clouds' (2005) - Cory Arcangel

Reuben keep asking to climb up the stairs, he doesn't normally ask to interact with the art work, I normally tell him that he is allowed & then he lets his hair down a bit. But he is getting my inquisitive as he gets older ask. He was asking why he couldn't. Reading the information and map he told us that he needed to climb them because the map told him too, we swiftly moved on just incase. 


'Pelopennese Line' (2017) Richard Long
We all know Reubens opinions on Richard Long if you read our previous post from the exhibition we saw at Houghton Hall. Well it translated here too, he had iPad in hand and didn't want to get involved, which was fair enough he had, had a long day. All and all for me I loved this group show. 


Image 1 - Lee Ufan
Image 2 - 'I be' - Ryan Gander
Image 3- Reuben just looking grumpy as hell. 

As you can tell by the last picture and Reubens face I don't think he quite agreed with me. This exhibition has no ended but I am excited to see what else is to come in the future and maybe Reuben will be a bit my enthused next time. 

The Vinyl Factory & Lisson Gallery 

Reuben wears: Leggings by Tinycottons Shoes a collaboration with Tinycottons and Puma. 
Jazmin wears: Coat by H&M Shoes by Comme De Garcon Play x Converse 
Pushchair: Bugaboo bee 5